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Laizhou Yuanye Science and Technology Co.,Ltd, with its headquarter in Laizhou City, Shandong Province, China, is a corporate enterprise. Board of directors is the upmost decision-making institution. There are 5 members in the board of directors, among them, two are independent directors. The board of directors consists of five committees--“Law, Human Resources, Investment, Financial, Public Relationship”. The company operation is taken charge by the management positioned with one general manager and three deputy managers. Below the management, there are 6 functional departments--technology, production, security, environmental protection, human resources, financial, operation. The company has subordinates of equipment branch, super-hard material branch, petroleum tool and instrument company, engineering technology service company. It is an international comprehensive enterprise integrated with oilfield drilling and repair equipment


ZJ70 / 4500DS Desert Drilling Rig is an oil drilling rig used for the exploration and development of ultra-deep wells in the desert with a drilling depth of 7000m. The rig main features:
1, Using the world's most advanced transmission AC-SCR-DC, winch turntable, mud pump by the DC motor-driven, stepless speed regulation, the drilling operation can get the best performance parameters.
2, rotary lift rig base, winch low installation, while the overall lifting of the drill floor in place, drill floor 9m high.
3, derrick front opening type, the overall low installation of the lifting, derrick high 45m.
4, with 2 sets of FB-1300 mud pump and equipped with four purification set solid control system.
5, installed power, the total power of 750 × 5 = 3500KW.

6, generating sets, mud pump group, solid control system, air handling devices are equipped with windbreak sand. Drill floor and the second floor has a windproof insulation Peng.

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